View Full Version : Which program works with the newest Google voice/chat?

08-31-2010, 03:29 PM
I'm a writer, and I conduct frequent telephone interviews (legal ones, with everybody's permission). Until recently, I used a cassette tape setup to record the calls, which I later transcribed on my computer. I have now abandoned cassettes and land-line telephones, and do everything by cell phone.
Which of the Applian programs would allow me to record directly from the telephone conversation that's running through my computer via Google Talk/Chat? I need to record in a format that I can access later for transcribing.
I have tried out the new Google program, using a Logitech video cam for sound (though I don't really need the video), and the sound is excellent--far better than a regular telephone call. But I'm not limited to the video cam; I should be able to use a headset that plugs into the computer's sound setup.
I already own several of the Applian programs, so I can test the answers out pretty readily. I also have high-end Olympus digital recorders, if that would help.
--Fred Powledge