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07-13-2010, 12:49 AM
When I split a file and then play the split file in windows media player for example the playback speed is slower than the original. It looks like it is just showing a still image of each frame and not playing the video. Anybody else encounter this?

The video speed looks ok if i play it back through RMS

07-13-2010, 02:12 AM
What version of Replay Media Splitter do you use?
What file format are your trying to split?
Have you tried to play the split file with players like VLC, SMPlayer?

09-11-2010, 02:23 AM
still have this same problem
using the latest version of the splitter.
i should be able to play the file with any video software

i captured a file using media catcher - but only want to keep a certain part
because the splitter cannot split flv files - i used your converter to make it an avi file

the playback on the convertered avi is fine
it's when i split the avi that the playback speed becomes like stop motion

Cheryl Wester
09-11-2010, 03:00 PM
Please contact tech support as more information will be needed.