View Full Version : HULU H264 480p FLVs have wrong seek time - files end past length time

08-22-2008, 04:34 PM

Problems with files from http://hulu.com/bewitched

First, I think the Replay Media Catcher is a GREAT program, but I would love to see some progress with regard to the h264 1mb Hi-Res 480p videos (example (Bewitched) from Hulu.com. You guys can capture them, but apparently there is some problem with the header on these files. AGAIN - I am speaking strictly about the Hi-Res 480p - NOT the default 360p files you show in the tutorial (you have to click on the option on the lower right of the screen when it initially starts to select the 480p option).

When you capture these files I have found that the only thing that can play them smoothly is:

S.U.P.E.R. - Can play SOME of them very smoothly - but has Audio Sync problems with certain ones - I.E. - Bob Newhart/MaryTyler Moore play okay, but Bewitched and some others have Audio Sync problems - video is very good however

ADOBE Media Player - plays them Flawlessly and in there entirety, BUT - can't seek to the end of the file and the progress proceeds past EOF. For example... I can seek to the end of the file - say 25:36 and it continues to play to about 27:31... even though the length indicates less.

Real Player 11 - Can also play these 480p files - without ANY audio/video issues - BUT CANNOT play these files in there entirety due to the file length or progress being incorrect. The stream ends prematurely because the progress shows the file is complete - but there is usually about 2 or 3 more minutes.

FLV Player - Plays them in there entirety - but very jerky playback AND can't seek to the end of the file - play proceeds past EOF ast in ADOBE/Real above.

SUPPORT - I have tried EVERYTHING. My machine is ghosted... I have uninstalled/installed codecs, rolled back versions of the Media Catcher/Converter and tried other conversion utilities - all to no avail.

Is there anything out there that can handles these files correctly. Can I convert them by stripping out MP3/AVC and run the streams through another convertor separately?

My primary reason for purchasing the entire Replay Capture suite was to be able to convert these Hi-Res files - or at least capture them in a format the can play them correctly.

Any assistance or Betas you would like me to try please let me know.


08-24-2008, 11:50 AM

This utility seems to clear up the problem if you use the /k (keep keyframes). You can process entire folders with it using the friendly gui interface. This fixes the progress bar issue, but the time is artificially longer than it really should be.

Questions... let me know.