View Full Version : Auto-tagging Issue

Talkradio Fan
08-18-2008, 02:13 PM
Hats off for a great and versatile product. I'm a huge talkradio fan and LOVE Replay A/V for the streams I can catch on the internet.

My minior problem pops up when I record my AM radio attched to my "line in". The "time of day" functions on the auto-tagging feature don't appear to be working correctly (i.e. %H%M or %X) for time-stamping the split tracks.

I usually split the shows up durring the commercial breaks and the splitting and auto-tagging time-stamp works great for internest stream captured items but so far anything recorded through "line-in" prints the event's beginning time-stamp on each track instead of the split's time-stamp on each track like I get on the stream captured events (i.e. 1600, 1600, 1600 vrs. 1600, 1620, 1640, etc.)

(happens on manual start; scheduled start; Shoutcast checked & unchecked - eventhough it's not a shoutcast event... I think I've tried every combo.)

Cheryl Wester
08-20-2008, 11:04 AM
I let the developer aware of this and he said it appears to be a bug. He is currently working on an update to the program. Thanks for pointing this out to use.