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08-07-2008, 06:52 PM
I am not very technically minded, and I hope someone can clarify a couple of issues for me in regards to how Replay AV stream capture works.

Situation: I open a video stream in my media player and tell ReplayAV to capture it. I continue to watch it in real time in my media player, while ReplayAV is caturing it in the background.

In this situation, is the data stream being downloaded twice - once by the media player and once by ReplayAV? As far as I can see, the Media Player and ReplayAV are downloading it independently, because if I stop the media player, ReplayAV's download is not affected. If the data stream is being downloaded twice in this situation then it has implications for my data usage.

The second, more important question, concerns potential copyright issues if the answer to the above question is, yes, 2 separate streams are being downloaded:

Situation: I belong to a subscription streaming site that says members are not allowed to record the video. Ethical issues aside (that's between me and my conscience) if I do choose to capture it using ReplayAV, and I watch it on my Media Player at the same time as capturing it with ReplayAV - can the host site see (if they choose to look) that 2 simultaneous streams are being downloaded to the same computer, suggesting that something dodgy is going on, and putting me at risk of losing my membership?

At the moment, I start the stream in my Media Player, stop it as soon as ReplayAV locates the stream location, and then capture it in ReplayAV, and then play it later. My reasoning suggests that this would look as though I started watching, stopped, then started again. However, sometimes I would like to watch the video at the same time as capturing it - but I don't want to risk having my membership terminated.

I use Windows XP Pro SP3, ReplayAV 8.14 (registered)

Cheryl Wester
08-07-2008, 08:11 PM
The program is capturing from the stream. If it is not in "real" time it is capturing as fast as your Internet connection and the server on the other end allow. In your example you are correct, it is capturing the stream twice.

To my knowledge they would not have any idea as to who is recording the software.

Here is a link to our Legal FAQ: http://www.applian.com/legal.php

If you are concerned a suggestion is to get the URL and then set it up to automatically record. You would use the URL Finder to do this.