View Full Version : Upgrade Rant

01-02-2009, 10:16 PM
I think it's unfair to require upgrade to 8.52 from 8.43. This isn't even a major upgrade. I'm currently using AV 8 bought in 2007 and I'm a user since 2002 upgrading every couple of years.

In the Upgrade Policy and I quote
"We don't look to do paid upgrades often. You can look at our track record. In fact that last time we asked for a paid upgrade, prior to this month (September 2008), was in December of 2006 with Replay AV. We point this out to reassure you that as our customer there won't be constant requests for fees to upgrade."

It's just 1 year and I already need to pay for upgrade for a minor revision. From my own track record, I get an email every year asking me to upgrade and I still have all the emails to prove it.

In the end, I do have to say your AV product is really awesome.


Cheryl Wester
01-02-2009, 10:19 PM
We do not charge for upgrades in a frequent manner-only when we have added so much and invested so much time and resources that we feel it is necessaary. You by no means need to upgrade if you don't wish. We have added several different conversions to the program, added the ability to make a ringtone for your iPhone, added the ability to burn DVDs and CDs in the Converter and also the ability to extract only a portion of a file to convert. You have owned the program for more than a year and all of the previous updates were free. We feel that $9.95 is a modest amount to charge for an upgrade with all of the above improvements.

I'm glad you like our programs and hope you will continue to do so. Thanks.