View Full Version : Best Capture Method for Scheduling

03-31-2015, 01:52 PM
Using RR 9 I am scheduling a recording from an internet radio station, WCVE, which is streaming at 96 kbps.

In the schedule, if I select the recommended Capture: direct download and Download: Normal, I get a file of 64 kbps as listed by Windows Explorer File-Properties-Details.

In the schedule, if I select Capture: Audio Record (Application) Launch: In Windows Media Player, i get a file of 128 kbps.

My question is am I getting a higher quality recording with the Capture: Audio Record (Application)?

Cheryl Wester
03-31-2015, 08:09 PM
When you do a direct download you are getting the native file at the native quality. It is the preferred method in most cases. We can't always get a good URL to do this so when that
happens we set it up for an audio capture. Personally, I would stick with the Direct Download.