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12-04-2013, 04:27 PM
Congrats on the release of Replay Radio 9. I've been using Replay AV8 for several years. I just recently set up a Win7 box in anticipation of RR9.

The RR9 demo installed but the scheduler does not launch a session. It does seem to capture, or record manually on demand although I can't find where it hid the files yet, if any. I've tested the Win7 system and all AV media functions are working properly. Is the Replay Radio 9 demo supposed to read the schedule and auto-start a capture and record session just like a registered application? Obviously it will have certain restrictions but is it fully functional?

Will my schedule8.dat file be usable in RR9?

12-08-2013, 04:56 AM
I scheduled one session which ran ok but now it won't schedule or run anything else. I cannot now test the recording of two streams are one time. Maybe the demo mode is locked down too tightly.

Can any fully paid member confirm that multi streaming works ok ?

I really don't want to pay out money and then fight over a refund.

Cheryl Wester
12-09-2013, 06:54 AM
Are you trying to do two direct downloads at the same time. It does work. If you continue to have an issue please contact tech support for assistance. Also, provide the links you are using so we can test them at this end.