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Thread: Duplicate Recording

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    Default Duplicate Recording

    Why is it that my Replay video capture, records the same video twice, almost simultaneously?

    I may be several days to a week before seeing a response. Mom is 150 miles away in the hospital with pneumonia and a couple other problems.

    Thank you,

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    Hi Certo. Are you referring to Replay Media Catcher? Most likely you are seeing this with YouTube downloads, correct? It has to do with a new "signature" parameter implemented by YouTube. To Replay Media Catcher that parameter makes it look like two separate media files.

    We are looking into the problem and should have it resolved in the next update.

    Please confirm that you are using Replay Media Catcher and I'll move this thread to the Replay Media Catcher Forum.

    Hope your Mom is doing better.
    Debbie McCormick
    Director & Creative Technologist
    Applian Technologies, Inc.

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