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Thread: No Sound Option on New Install

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    Default No Sound Option on New Install

    I just bought a Dell Poweredge server and installed 2003 Server (Enterprise, 64 bit). I had previously used Replay with XP and never had a problem.

    Anyway, I installed the newest version when I noticed something interesting. When I go to the "Sound Mixer" tab the program hangs up. When I press to the "test" button it says that "No Sound was Detected" using the Replay/AV driver.

    Some background: I do not have a sound card installed on this server - should this matter? I have not messed with the installation in any other way (like installing the old audio driver). When I go into the "sound" area of windows it says that nothing is available (of course).

    Any suggestions?

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    After many hours of playing around I was able to get this to work. I'm not completely sure what the issue was but I did find out that audio is by default turned off on 2003 server. I don't think that this alone was the issue - I had to play around with several driver downloads before it worked.

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