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Thread: DVD burning is for video creations only

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    Default DVD burning is for video creations only

    You cannot make DVD data backups with Replay Converter 3.0 beta (3b8). This feature is intended to make DVD videos either in the NTSC or PAL formats. So go ahead and burn them supported video files to the DVD disks now to be watched on your big tv screens!

    Enhancement request:
    An option to make more than 1 DVD disk copy. The user may want 4 copies of the same DVD burn.

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    We are working on a version of Replay Converter 3.0 that will allow users to burn multiple discs more easily.

    Mike Christensen

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    Unhappy replay converter 3 clashing

    after i upgraded this was working great!!now...out of the blue;the software freezes my nero software does the it possible that they are interfering with each other?i have made plenty of dvds using the burn feature on converter it's just dormant.

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    Did you just have a windows update or install some other software? If so that could be the reason. A suggestion is to uninstall and then reinstall to see if that helps.

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