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Thread: Replay Music does not record now on 5.0

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    Default Re: Replay Music does not record now on 5.0

    pffft this was the least of my worrys I just bought this software thinking it would work great and so far having tons of issues with songs that have silences before buildups in spotify etc etc etc. but for you windows 7 users all you need to do to SOLVE this problem is set INPUT SOURCE TO WINDOWS AUDIO DRIVER THIS can be found under settings INPUT TAB,. TADAAAAA EASY...

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    Default Re: Replay Music does not record now on 5.0

    I am having this same issue and it does not seem to make a difference if I use a regular browser or Firefox- I can hear themusic on audio, but the timer never starts and no recording takes place. I am opening Replay muisc prior to the browser. I have had several versions of Replay Music in the past and never had this problem before, it just started after upgrading to 5.0 and is also an issue on 5.3
    I am hoping that there is a solution out there that has not yet been added to this thread?

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    If you continuet o have an issue pleasse do contact tech support with details and an ATTACHed log file.

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