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Thread: Download only a portion of a video

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    Default Download only a portion of a video

    Hi all,
    many times, I'm interested only to capture a small portion of a long video.
    In RMC, is there the possibility to do it, without the need to capture the entire long video ?
    I would expect something that looks like to one of these possible solutions:
    - RMC starts capturing from the point in which the position slider of the video on the web page is set (instead of always starting from the beginning of the video);
    - in "Tools - Download...", start-time and stop-time parameters could be acquired together with the URL of the video;
    but I haven't found anything.

    Thanks a lot in advance for suggestions.

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    Default Re: Download only a portion of a video

    Hi Bye,

    Replay Media Catcher grabs the stream from the very start and records till the end. If you wish, however, you can split the video to cut out the portion you want with Replay Media Splitter - OR you can also record the portion you want with Replay Video Capture

    I hope this helps!
    Best Regards,

    Jeff Lenney
    Technical Support
    Applian Technologies, Inc.

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