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Thread: WMR 12.2 bug : the folder "SavedRecordings>WindowsMedia" disappears

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    Default WMR 12.2 bug : the folder "SavedRecordings>WindowsMedia" disappears


    I'm a registered user of Windows Media Recorder 12.2

    When I click the "VIEW" icon and choose "Menu > Saved Recordings > Windows Media", the "Windows Media" view appears then 1 or 2 seconds later it suddenly disappears and goes back to the "Captured Links" view. It's very annoying because I don't have time to view or right-click the files in order to interract with them.

    The problem seems to be that whenever the "Captured Links" view refreshes, the focus goes on it even if I was exploring the "Windows Media" view. I tried to uncheck "Menu > Captured Links" but it won't uncheck.

    Is it a known bug ? Thanks in advance for your reply.

    PS : Here is a video of the problem

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    Hi Frederic

    I mis-read your post and thought you were looking to ask about Windows Media Player, Not Windows Media Recorder. My apologies, i'll continue to help you with this issue via your open ticket.

    Thank you.
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