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Thread: Download video but only saves commercial

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    Default Download video but only saves commercial

    I am at the Masterpiece Theater web site and am playing one of the online videos that are available. When I play the on-line video, it starts with a 15 second commercial. Freecorder only puts the 15 second commercial in the Video History Tool. The video indeed plays the 15 second commercial and the actual episode is never placed in the Video History Tool. All I ever get is the commercial that is played at the start of the on-line video. There is no indication anything changes. Is it possible the commercial video is set up to terminate any recordings?

    Is there a reason only the first commercial gets recorded and any video after it is never picked up by Freecorder?
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    There are some streams that won't capture using stream capture. When this happens you need to use a different program such as our great Replay Video Capture program. If you haven't given it a try please do so.

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    Default Re: Download video but only saves commercial

    Thanks for the feedback. I just started looking into recording video and literally know nothing about it. So I am wading into this area. I will have to check out your products and see if they work. Thanks again,

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