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    Default A few questions

    I like the software, and it seems to record some places that no other software that I can find will. I do have a few questions that can hopefully be answered though.

    1: I noticed it records more like 1 hour 15 minutes fine, even though it says an hour for the high speed download. I'm wondering if this will be fixed some day? Seems to me the length shouldn't matter too much when downloading it fast, though it obviously does currently with the programming. So, do you think this could be resolved some time in the future?

    2: When recording live, does it matter if you have the fast or slow download going? IE: slow speed downloading slower than its being fed to you. Will it just keep downloading what you already saw, plus whats still coming in? When you close a live stream, will it keep downloading? What if you are recording a live stream with the super download enabled, and it happens to go over an hour, when you didn't know it would? Will you just lose what happens next?

    Thanks in advance for you time!

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    We recommend not using the "super download" for files longer than an hour, however in some instances it will work on longer files. It depends on the streaming.
    You can't use this feature for live feeds, because you can't capture a stream faster than it is being sent.

    Best Regards,

    Tasha Heinlein
    Applian Technologies, Inc.

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