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Thread: Freecorder stopped working, even after

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    Arrow Freecorder stopped working, even after

    uninstalling and reinstalling 5 times. (Really!) I'm using Firefox - didn't like Firefox 3.x, so went back down a notch.

    Freecorder was doing fabulous things - then, in the middle of listening to online radio one night recently, it just QUIT on me. Will I have to dig in the registry to set things right, or does someone else have a way to keep me from re-inventing the wheel on this one?

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    Default Windows Vista Fix

    First Thing.
    Upgrade to freecorder 3. then follow the instrictions below.

    Ok, so I had this problem where when i hit record the error message "Data Execution" Prevention stopped this program." It's annoying, but can be overridden.
    Go to your Start menu and look for Computer and second click it and go to properties. or go to Control panel and go to system

    The system window comes up go to advanced system settings get through the UAC and the system properties box comes up

    click "settings" under "performance" go to "Data Execution Prevention"

    click "Turn on DEP for all programs and services except those I select"
    the list-box clears up.

    go to Add. If you did not change the file path you should paste

    "C:\Program Files\Freecorder Toolbar\Freecorder.exe"

    into the file name box (w/o quotes) and then click "Open" on the list it should say "Freecorder Application and it should be checked.

    Click Apply and then restart your computer and it should work fine.

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