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Thread: why do posts have to be approved by a mod now???

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    Default why do posts have to be approved by a mod now???

    im not sure where this should be posted, if its in the wrong place feel free to move it.

    ive used this forum for a while now and yesterday i went to respond to a problem in the RMC section and was then told my reply would be posted after being reviewd by a mod....
    thats fine i thought, although ive never seen it before ,maby its something new...but as my post still is not up, i fnd it quite worrying....

    have i done something wrong?? if so WHAT??

    if its a new feature then it sucks ...the good thing about the forum was being able to get help straight away and normally problems could be resolved quickly by the many helpfull people on line.

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    Default Re: why do posts have to be approved by a mod now???

    The program periodically sees a post that it triggers this with. We just check and allow it. It is nothing that you have done. The majority of posts go through without an issue.

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