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Thread: RMC Suggestion - Sorting Options for Ad Blocker

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    Lightbulb RMC Suggestion - Sorting Options for Ad Blocker

    The ad blocker is a great addition. I know that it's only version 1 of this new feature. But for version 2 in a future update, I'd suggest the following:

    1: If domain already exists, it should prompt you and not allow you to enter repeat entries.

    2: It should automatically sort the entries or let you sort the list on demand.

    Currently, the Ad Blocker lets you add multiple repeat entries and so you have to check twice to "keep it clean" by looking first in the default list to see if the entry already exists--which is sorted alphabetically--and then looking second at the end of the list to see if your pending new entry was already prior added by you.

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    Default Re: RMC Suggestion - Sorting Options for Ad Blocker

    Hi Curtis,

    Thank you. While i can't make any promises on this update, our programmers do read these forums on a regular basis. Thanks!
    Best Regards,

    Jeff Lenney
    Technical Support
    Applian Technologies, Inc.

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    Default Re: RMC Suggestion - Sorting Options for Ad Blocker

    It is sortable now... at least in RMC 4.2.4

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