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Thread: Adobe TV: Recording halts at "sending create stream" step

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    Default Adobe TV: Recording halts at "sending create stream" step

    I've tried to use the normal recording procedure in Replay Media Catcher to download several different video tutorials from Adobe TV. These are in the RMTP format. In each case, the recording seems to be starting OK, but soon gets stuck at the step where the Status column reads "Sending createStream..."

    The same problem was reported on this forum last year in a thread entitled "MC4 Can't Download from Adobe TV", but no general solution was offered.

    I've found a kludgy workaround that I'll share, but I'm hoping that someone has a better way to make this work like its supposed to. Here's the workaround: Right-click the file in the Name column, and click Progress. The first line will show the URL address of the file you're trying to download; for example rtmp://<break>media/adobetv2/cs5LR/lrvid5601_ps. Select that address, and hit CNTRL C to copy it to the clipboard. Then go to Tools/Download in the the Replay Media Catcher menu bar; paste in the address you copied; and hit OK. The file will now successfully download.

    Does anyone have a better solution (I hope)? Do you see the download getting stuck at the "Sending createStream..." step in other cases, and if so, how did you solve it?

    Thanks in advance for your feedback.
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    Default Re: Adobe TV: Recording halts at "sending create stream" step

    There is no need to create a duplicate thread. The solution was mentioned in the thread you linked to (use RTMP recording instead of downloading):

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