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Thread: command line utilization

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    Default command line utilization

    Where can I find a complete description of command line options for FLV Player?

    One of the things I am trying to accomplish with a single command line is:
    • launch multiple instances of the player
    • each player instance loads a different flv file
    • upon launch, each player instance is paused at the beginning of the flv file (requiring the user to select play in order to start playing flv file)
    • control display position (i.e. prevent overlap of player instances)


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    Default Re: command line utilization

    I believe this link should help0

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    Default Re: command line utilization

    Thanks Cheryl.

    Actually, I had read that particular post. And the only mention of command line utilization is the following:

    Specify (the full path to) a local or remote flv as the commandline parameter. For example: FLVPlayer.exe "" or: FLVPlayer.exe "C:\Movies\mymovie.flv".

    Which led me to believe there MAY be more command line functionality. Is there anywhere else I can find documentation of any additional command line useage?


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