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Thread: Converter 3 with Replay AV 8.43 Problem

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    Default Converter 3 with Replay AV 8.43 Problem

    I upgraded the copy of Replay Converter that came with my copy of the Capture Suite (version 2.8) with the new version (3.05--before the upgrade charge was put in place). The new version won't automatically covert capture files for Replay AV the way the older version did.

    Specifically, the newer version doesn't parse the command line passed to it by Replay AV the same way the old version did. For example, I record today's edition of Performance Today, and Replay AV saves that to a file named "Performance Today 080922.asf" stored in the folder named "e:\Music\Performance Today". Replay AV calls Replay Converter to convert this file to MP3 format. The older version would do this without any problems. The new version splits the command line at the spaces and attempts to read in four separate files for conversion:


    Of course this fails because none of these are actually the file name. It seems to me that the only thing needed would be to enclose the command line in quotes so that it would be treated as a text string with the spaces included, the same way the Windows command line does. I have been unable to figure out how to make this work.

    Pending a solution, I've had to uninstall Replay Converter 3 and to revert back to the older version. I won't upgrade until Replay AV is updated to work with the new version.

    Robert Weimer

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    At the present time the program does need to operate as a standalone program. We are in the process of updating our AV so that it includes the new converter. At the present time I don't have a release date for this.

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