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Thread: rmc works great with vlc player

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    Default rmc works great with vlc player

    fyi for other users if you use vlc media player as your default player you can do some really cool things with rmc3 and sometimes rmc4.such as record a streaming video or live and then start watching it about five minutes later usually with no issues.for example many times video on screen has stopped and buffered many times and is at eight minute mark.and im watching the video at the 20 minute mark with no issues in vlc player and i will watch the whole show and the on screen video never even finished .other media players ive used will stop at time video shows but vlc will just keep on playing very cool.

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    Default Re: rmc works great with vlc player

    Hi - we're glad you're enjoying our sofware with the VLC player Many of us are big fans of VLC as well...
    Best Regards,

    Jeff Lenney
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    Applian Technologies, Inc.

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