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Thread: Replay Music Wish List

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    Smile Replay Music Wish List

    Having been using this for a time, here are a few of my wishes.
    They may well have been documented elsewhere.

    1. Make sure Duplicate File names are Autonumbered on Auto Tag.
    I may have missed something here, BUT sometimes when tracks have the same name, or the AutoTag
    miss-names them, then the First named copy is Lost and replaced by the second, Third etc.
    It would be better if they were autonumbered 1, 2, 3 etc

    2. Any chance of a Sizeable Window, the data does not always fit into the DataList view.
    Often track length is off the right of the scrolling window and you have to Juggle
    column widths to get it on.

    3. Ability to Delete Tracks from the List whilst still recording.
    They can still be Edited so why not Delete.

    4. Skins rather than just the Blue background

    5. Stereo Record Level Indicators rather than just the one General Record level bar.

    Anyway, just ideas.

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    Default Re: Replay Music Wish List

    Thanks for the suggestions. The developers do read these.

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