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Thread: Media Catcher 4- Streamed movie pixelation and audio/video sync problems

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    Question Media Catcher 4- Streamed movie pixelation and audio/video sync problems

    My streamed movies have “pixelation,” which is similar to over enlarging a jpeg photo, if that makes sense. I realize that burning a streamed movie to a DVD and then watching on a large TV is compounding the problem. Naturally, the pixilation issue is minimized when watching the movies on my PC’s Windows Media Player, or the FLV Player, when in the small screen mode. However, even when enlarging the movies to the full 18” monitor screen the pixilation is obvious. I have another issue and that is occasionally, about 50% of the time, the audio is out of sync with the video. Anyone have a similar problem? Any suggestions? Thanks!

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    Default Re: Media Catcher 4- Streamed movie pixelation and audio/video sync problems

    when i first started using replay media catcher i had these problems so now i always play the video on the website before downloading it...

    from my experience RMC records exactly as it plays, so if the picture quality is poor to start with it will be bad when recorded.

    i now only capture DIVX content because the picture quality is always perfect and the audio is exactly as it is when its played.

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