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Thread: Fix these issues and it'll be as close to perfection as possible

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    Default Fix these issues and it'll be as close to perfection as possible

    Hey, I've used Replay Media catcher for some time now and I love how it records everything, I mean literally everything. However the first time I launched it I realized an issue that made me concerned. The booting time of the software, it was insanely long. It took it about 3-5 minutes before it was ready for me to run. And everything froze, UAC did really mess it up aswell.

    Applian, fixing these performance issues will seriously help your current and future user base.

    In addition making it more compatible with youtube, in that it can record high-res movies a lot more user friendly is a very welcome addition.

    Thanks for reading, and I very much hope the first issue gets fixed.

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    Default Re: Fix these issues and it'll be as close to perfection as possible

    Never seen any problem like this before. What are your hardware specs (CPU, memory)? What OS do you use?

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