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Thread: converting .djvu into jpeg or other....

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    Default converting .djvu into jpeg or other....

    I use a mac; but .djvu files are very unusual, so it is not very good to handle.

    Soi want to convers...but with what program...?

    Plese excuse my english; i am a german and not well trained...Hope you undestnd me!

    Thanks for any help!

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    Default Re: converting .djvu into jpeg or other....

    Our programs do not work on a Mac unless you are using Parallel or Bootcamp. Regarding the file format it is not a usual one and our program is not able to convert it.

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    Default Re: converting .djvu into jpeg or other....

    DjVu is a format used for ebooks. Applian doesn't offer any software for ebooks.

    You can use freeware command line utility djvu2graf to retrieve JPEG images from a DjVu ebook:

    Retrieve pages #6-10 as JPEG images:
    djvu2graf -g jpg -p 6-10 book.djvu mm
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