Yesterday I've download the Fast Vidéo Dowload. It's works perfectly but sometimes certain vidéo don't start download and I've receive a error message.

For example This URL don't work and the error message is :
the content of the file can not be displayed
error accessing 'file:///home/haze/download/videos_du_net/Disque%20celeste%201':
File Not Found
There is the same error message on each invalid URL.
And I'm using the same file in each time,then it's not the file who is invalid..

So....In my opinion The percentage of invalid videos is about 5% ! But I don't know if this is the url of dailymotion that is invalid or if this is the addon who had a little bug.
I'm testing the addon only on dailymotion.

I'm using Firefox- on a Gnu/Linux Gentoo system.

Thank you.Have a nice Day

P.S: Sorry for my bad English :x