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Thread: Schedule times resetting

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    Default Schedule times resetting

    I have a client using Replay AV on multiple XP desktops. Periodically their entire schedule will shift by 2 or 4 hours. i.e a show scheduled for 2PM will now be scheduled for 6PM. This affects every recording event in the schedule and shifts both start and end times by the same amount. And it appears it's always hours only - minutes don't chsange.

    I'm visiting their site in the next day or so to get more info off the specific machines where this is happening, but in the meantime I was wondering if anyone else had ever come across this, and if so what the problem/resolution was.

    Sorry I don't have version numbers or any additional info at this time.


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    Default Re: Schedule times resetting

    This is not an issue I have reported. Are the times on the computer systems changing perhaps? Thanks.

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    Cheryl - not to my knowledge. Once I get a chance to look at their systems I'll be able to provide more details and will raise a ticket since this is not a current known issue.

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