I've been using this nice piece of soft for a few months.
I have a one bug and a few suggestions that I'd like to see in the next version.


Please please, get some keyboard shortcuts in this app at least two:

1. Del - delete selected song
2. F2 - rename selected song (or some other key)


When using two monitor setup (winxp sp3) the Media catcher window doesn't show after start. I have to turn off one screen and restart the Media catcher. I believe the coordinates gets messed up when you run two screen/monitor setup.

It would help if there was a standard window menu left-top (minimize, resize, move) Then I would be able to move the window.

I do have some issues with Media Catcher when running with cisco VPN. Media Catcher crashes but this is no biggi ... I can always restart

Thank you for good product !!!