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Thread: Suggestions from a new user

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    Like user "Ibuttery" posted a week or 2 ago in this forum, I, too, find the menu system NOT user friendly. I have gotten the program to record the programs I wanted as scheduled. (I missed one because I forgot to load the program as an active application.) Also missed recording all of a program because the computer may have gone into "sleep mode". That's just a guess. Since then, I simply put the program on a diff. computer and have been using that one instead.
    My complaint is - the menus are not intuitive. Also, the menu does not seem to be expandable - it just takes up a small part of the screen.
    It took me a while to figure out how to play back recorded audio. Before I figured out that you right click rather than left click to display a drop down menu that gave an option to play -I opened up the "old" Real Audio program to play the programs Replay A/V recorded. It appears that your program automatically opens Windows Media Player to play back recordings.

    Bottom line - Try and make the menu system more user friendly in future upgrades.

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    Thank you for the feedback. I'm moving this to the suggestions forum.

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    Your suggestions are heard. They will probably considering that one soon.

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