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Thread: Recording Windows Sounds while recording

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    Question Recording Windows Sounds while recording

    I'm recording from a variety of Internet sources (mainly Jazz radio but also some Spotify stuff) but I was wondering if Replay Music also records Windows sounds whilst recording whatever it is I'm listening to?

    That is, if I am say recording a radio show on BBC Radio 2 (UK) and I get an email come in where the default Windows sound email notifier plays will that sound also get recorded by Replay Music? I presume it will also record any sound on any web sites I might hit whilst recording, i.e. an autoplay Flash commercial?

    Do I simply need to ensure that I only get one sound source coming into the computer whilst recording otherwise any other sound that might play whilst recording will get 'mixed' into the recording?

    EDIT : Sorry for posting, I have since found the answer within these forums.
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