Hi just got the Replay Capture Suite and I am very happy with it .
Currently I am running against a small issue in Replay A/V that I would like to see solved.

I am using the "split at" option and the numbering is fine until _09 after that I would expect _10, but unfortunately that is not happening.

it gives me:

file Dec 15_01.asf.mp3
file Dec 15_02.asf.mp3
file Dec 15_03.asf.mp3
file Dec 15_04.asf.mp3
file Dec 15_05.asf.mp3
file Dec 15_06.asf.mp3
file Dec 15_07.asf.mp3
file Dec 15_08.asf.mp3
file Dec 15_09.asf.mp3
file Dec 15(1)_01.asf.mp3
file Dec 15(1)_02.asf.mp3

Is there a way to fix this? Or is this a bug?