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Thread: Replay A/V 8.73b and other versions Can't record or turne to XM Radio Login error - error: post-login...

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    Default Replay A/V 8.73b and other versions Can't record or turne to XM Radio Login error - error: post-login...

    Applian support, I am unable to record XM Radio and receive error: post-login

    We upgraded to 8.73b however this has been going on for a few weeks for us... It's very annoying Applian support, are you working on a fix Your users are begging for support in the forums and via support and getting very frustrated… Please respond with a fix or workaround.

    We have been using the software since it came out. I’m always frustrated Applian is behind the mark with every Windows release, service pack and patch. Before you tell me to reboot or clear my IE cache I'm an advanced IT Pro so please don’t insult me. I am able to log in via a desktop application, via and via my XM care interface. I am able to capture and record from a random station “WGRV 93.1 FM The Groove Smooth”

    Dell XPS 420 Intel Core 2 Duo E6850 3.0, RAM 4GM, RAID 0 & 1, BIOS
    Windows 7 Ultimate (32 and 64) Note: I said I could reproduce this.
    All Windows and Office patches.
    Sound card info at the bottom of this thread.
    A/V PC-1 McAfee ASAP A/V PC-2 Microsoft Security Essentials.
    If you need MORE please let me know.

    What I’ve attempted:
    1. Cleared cache / deleted temp and offline files as posted in you support site.
    2. Tried your Notice: @ this link to download 8.72 (FYI this points to 8.73b)
    3. Set IE 8 to force compatibility move (tried this and without)
    a. Added http://* & https://* to trusted sites, cleared cache and tried again.. Nope
    b. Verified security is set to low and allow every setting possible.
    4. Ran your application in compatibility modes
    a. XP, Vista and normal Windows 7
    b. Run as normal user and “as administrator”
    5. Disabled Firewall on both PC’s
    a. Also in Windows Firewall Advanced Sec disabled all (Domain, private and public profiles).
    i. Then enabled and Allow Inbound for each at a time. Note: NO failed attempted are being logged your log file shows.
    “Sun Nov 22 4:36:58 PM Warning: Replay Tuner is not able to access the Web. You may need to alter your firewall to allow Tuner.exe access to the Internet.”
    6. Disabled A/V on both PC’s
    a. Stopped services as well
    7. Turned UAC off on both
    a. Verified users (tried 2) are admins and local admins)
    8. Allowed Replay, Tuner, SatLogin sox thru the firewall when re-enabled.
    9. Uninstall and reinstalled.
    10. Tried another Internet station like Sirius and it returns error: sign-on: Password or Username error. I’d expect this.
    11. Any other internet radio station works fine.
    12. I’ve also done any other things but I’m tired of typing… You get the point.
    Audio Driver:
    Name Creative X-Fi Audio Processor (WDM)
    Manufacturer Creative Technology, Ltd.
    Status OK
    Driver c:\windows\system32\drivers\ctaud2k.sys (, 669.52 KB (685,592 bytes), 6/3/2009 3:28 PM)

    Name USB Audio Device
    Manufacturer (Generic USB Audio)
    Status OK
    PNP Device ID USB\VID_05A7&PID_1020&MI_00\6&8F9BD0E&0&0000
    Driver c:\windows\system32\drivers\usbaudio.sys (6.1.7600.16385, 107.00 KB (109,568 bytes), 7/13/2009 7:06 PM)

    App log:
    From bottom: This is with scheduled and “record now”.
    Download Capture Summary:
    Version 8.73
    URL =
    Next = Mon Nov 23 4:13 PM - 5:13 PM (1x)
    Capture Type = XM Online
    Record-to Format = Stream Capture
    Convert-to Format = Audio - M4A (128 Kbps)

    No Eliminate Dead Air
    No Create New Track after silence option
    No Split Tracks after time
    Automatic retuning enabled
    Mute while recording disabled

    Sun Nov 22 4:57:16 PM Download capture type: XM Online
    Sun Nov 22 4:57:16 PM Recording : XM Test
    Sun Nov 22 4:57:16 PM Wake up timer set for 194522 seconds
    Sun Nov 22 4:57:18 PM Unable to tune to XM/Sirius feed error: post-login ->


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    Default Re: Replay A/V 8.73b and other versions Can't record or turne to XM Radio Login error - error: post-login...

    this hasn't been going on for weeks and there is already a thread:
    Can't log into XM

    It started either late Thursday or sometime Friday so stop whining.

    Oh yeah and are you so advanced to not look at other threads?

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