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Thread: New Version of RMC Causing Browser Problems

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    Default New Version of RMC Causing Browser Problems

    I got an update notice from RMC the other day and updated to the latest version. I had been using Version 3.02 with no problems. However the latest version locks up both Firefox and MSIE as soon as I click the "start recording" button. Neither browser will load a page after RMC is in record mode. I have to close down RMC and close down the browser with Task Manager before I can get the browser to work again. The new version of RMC did seem to work OK the first day I had it, so I am going to try reinstalling it to see if maybe some file got corrupted. Otherwise I will go back to Version 3.02.

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    Default Re: New Version of RMC Causing Browser Problems

    I have the exact same problem. When i load RMC it like it cuts my internet line. I have to close RMC and Internet explorer to get it "going" again...

    Any solutíons ? I recently bought the product so it would be kinda nice to get it working ....

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    Default Re: New Version of RMC Causing Browser Problems

    Media Catcher 3.01 locks up my browsers

    This might probably help. This is for 3.01 but might as well just see if it will apply to that one.

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