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    I was working with an AVI file yesterday and I got this pop up called AVI Chunk Viewer. Is this part of one of the Applian applications? I've never seen this popup before. And the only thing I've installed on my pc in the last couple of weeks is the Applian suite and the software that came with my burner. I have the same burner/software on my other machine and I don't get this popup there. I searched for this AVI Chunck Viewer on the internet and some people said it was part of some codec. K-lite, I think. I don't think I have this. They said there was a configuration tool where you could disable it. I don't have a menu for K-lite so I don't have the configuration tool. I also saw where it is associated with AVI splitter. I know there is a splitter program in the Applian suite. Is this associated with that?


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    I have K-lite Mega Codec Pack and AVI Chunk Viewer pop ups from time to time. I don't really know whether any Applian application uses it as well. At least you can install K-lite Codec Pack and disable AVI Chunk Viewer.

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