I'm in Australia and I need help with capturing iView programs.
Replay Media Catcher is mentioned in a number of Australian tech forums as the only program which can successfully capture iView streams, and several posters claim to have it working - but I just cannot get it to work.

I would really appreciate any suggestions about anything I can do.

I have used RMC for a long time, and I already know that I have to have RMC open and active before I open the page containing the video.

iView is a streaming system on Australia's government owned public broadcasting service (called the ABC, but it has nothing at all to do with the US ABC network), and it streams relatively high quality flv television programs in its own proprietory viewer.

In case it helps, I have found the following information about iView (I don't understand it, I hope someone else will):

Uses RTMP protocol

When attempting to view, to prove that you are in Australia, an authentication token is generated in another of ABC's XML files. The authentication token comes in two forms, for either an Akamai server or non-Akamai (Hostworks) server depending on your ISP. The token is used used in the URI/downloading commands.

FLV downloaded from ABC iView is generally a 640x480 Anamorphic Widescreen video encoded in the VP6 codec at 25 fps with 96kb/s MP3 audio.

If anyone is interested enough, here is a link to a site that claims to give details about how to capture iView streams. It is too technical for me to follow. http://users.on.net/~m.elliott/i/index.html

I use RMC 3.01 with automatic updates enabled, Windows XP Pro SP3