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Thread: Problem with file manager when uploading files (Mozilla)

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    Default Problem with file manager when uploading files (Mozilla)

    in file manager there is a button to upload files.
    From the help file I see that pressing it should create eight fields where I can select and upload files. It does nothing when I click it. I will mention that I use firefox and have all java turned off. I do hope you do not say that java is required. It is not secure.

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    Default Re: Problem with file manager when uploading files (Mozilla)

    I don't really understand what you're talking about. Please elaborate your question.

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    Default Re: Problem with file manager when uploading files (Mozilla)

    Hi Everyone..

    I've got 1.6.2 going and I can't seem to delete or move files in the File Manager once they've been uploaded. It says that the file does not exist.
    Any help is greatly appreciated.Thanks in advance.

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    Default Re: Problem with file manager when uploading files (Mozilla)

    Are you referring to the location where your files are saved? If the files are not there then there isn't a recording. Also, go ahead and update to the latest version. If you continue to have an issue let us know and send a ticket into tech support.

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