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Thread: Freecorder Toolbar is a no show in Firefox 3.5

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    Default RESOLVED - Freecorder Toolbar is a no show in Firefox 3.5

    Installed Freecorder Toolbar 3.02 and Firefox 3.5 all in a fresh install of Windows 7 Ult 32bit.(build 7264)
    Freecorder does not show up in Firefox at all, doesn't even show in View>Toolbars.
    I have no other toolbars installed. Any ideas on a fix for this?

    Oh yeah. I looked at the INSTALL log in the Freecorder dir and noticed that there is no mention of Firefox in it, but there is of IE.
    Don't know if this means anything or will help at all.

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    OK, I got it to work with Firefox 3.5!

    I ran the install again, but as Administrator. I didn't uninstall first either.
    This time toolbar shown under View>Toolbars, but the only thing that showed on the actual toolbar was a dropdown arrow.
    So I went to, in Firefox, Tools>Add-ons, Extensions and clicked on Find Updates and it updated Freecoder Toolbar to version, and now it works.

    Hope this helps.

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