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Thread: Mutlipe Users on a Computer

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    Default Multiple Users on a Computer

    I have teenage kids that use my computer (Vista). They have their own accounts and are not in the administrative group. I'm retired now but worked as a UNIX System Administrator. The UNIX concept of a Super User and many local users is what Microsoft Vista has attempted to replicate.
    My teenagers can not run Replay Music from their local accounts because they don't have the right privileges. In UNIX the Super User could allow anyone to run any process (program) by adjusting the run permissions for that process. When I asked technical support how to do this In Windows, I was told it can't be done. I'm reasonable sure it can be done.
    If from the start menu> all programs> right click on replay music> right click on properties> Security tab> This is a access control and permissions screen.
    I haven't been able to determine yet how to point to the object name for the Users on this system.
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    At this point the program does need to be run with Administrative Rights. I will pass on your suggestions and concerns to the developer. Thanks.

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    Exclamation Admin privledge only???

    Hi, I am having a similar problem. I don't use an administrator account for daily use when using WinXP. Its a security flaw. Is there any work being done to fix this? I love this product (just bought it a few days ago) but I am not willing to compromise my system. Please let me know if any work is being done to address this or, I am sorry to say I will return the product.

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