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Thread: Pandora Alternatives: Where do you stream from?

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    Default Pandora Alternatives: Where do you stream from?

    This may not be the appropriate forum for this question but...
    I'm looking for a Pandora alternative. Mostly to see if I can work around the track recognition issues for now. I really like Pandora's features and interface. They make adding variety to your station very simple so features like this are a plus.

    What streaming site do you prefer and why?

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    Those ones are great : Slacker, Jango, Aol Radio, Spotify, Jiwa, Deezer.


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    Default Good streams


    Why not try WE7 it streams at 192Kbps!

    However you will need Audacity or a similar audio editor to remove the small advert placed at the beginning of each track. Replay Music removes most of them but not all (about two per album you record).

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