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    Default 2 Questions before purchase

    I've been trying out both Replay Music and Media Catcher for recording Slacker and Pandora. Very impressive products!

    2 Questions:
    1) Is there a reason to purchase 1 product over the other for just recording Inet Radio sites to MP3s? Music seems to get me the basics of what I need... just checking if I'm missing a reason to go to Catcher.

    2) I have both a home desktop and a laptop. If I purchase either product, can I load on both machines, or do I have to purchase twice?


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    It is up to you as to what you purchase-for each it is a personal opinion. Replay Music records what it hears off of your system. Replay Media Catcher captures from the stream itself. If you purchase Media Catcher you may install it on both of your system. For Replay Music we do require you to purchase two copies but offer the second at a substantial savings. Thanks.

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