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Thread: What's Wrong with Media Guide?

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    Don't get me started!

    1. Slow and Non-responsive: Lately Media Guide pages have been very slow to load at times (often NOT times I'd expect peak demand). Part - or none - of the page appears and the status bar keeps saying "Waiting" or "Reading." This is like the bad old days of modems and the "World Wide Wait."
    2. Inaccurate: A lot of listings are out of date. Shows canceled. Times or stations change. Errors happen. Applian seems to slow to check, to update and to make corrections.
    3. Incomplete: A lot of stations, shows and podcasts (available in other listings) are not included. vTuner has a far more complete audio stream/station list. iTunes has a far more comprehensive podcast list. vTuner used to work with Replay Radio 5 (sort of as a second Media Guide) but not with any current versions. This should have been continued. The functionality of Replay AV depends in large part on easy and convenient availability of complete and accurate listings.
    4. Faux Podcasts: In addition to missing a lot of real RSS podcasts, many of the so-called "podcast" listings are not podcasts at all, but streamed shows. How about truth in packaging here: Keep the podcast listings just podcasts (maybe with an option to search of shows if you don't find what you want as a podcast). Podcasts don't get preempted (for ballgames, pledge drives) or moved to a different station or time slot.

    Everybody in this forum has bought the full Applian package. Others who just bought Replay AV have paid about half the full package price. Media Guide is part of the product's functionality and it's part of what we paid for. The software is good. The Media Guide is not just an after-thought and it needs to be better.

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    There have been a lot of streams that have changed the URL lately. When we are notified we do our best to update as quickly as possilbe. We can't monitor all of the 1000s of sites out but when our customers notify us we update ASAP. As an example stream audio changed the way they stream and in the last week we have updated numerous files.

    If you see that a show has cancelled let us know and we will take care of it. Stations change the programming all the time and in some cases it seems weekly.

    Again, if you see a Podcast that is incorrect let us know. We rely on our customers to notify us. We even have a department in tech support-Media Guide Department-to handle this. Thanks.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cheryl Wester View Post
    Again, if you see a Podcast that is incorrect let us know. We rely on our customers to notify us. We even have a department in tech support-Media Guide Department-to handle this. Thanks.
    Wel... the Jeff Resnse, Steve Quayle, and SHOUTcast -HOME are all not working. At all.

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