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    Default Recording Audio from Video

    I know I never had luck capturing streaming audio with Replay Music, but does anyone make a product that will just capture the audio from either video or a video stream?

    My son was in Schoolhouse Rock Live, and I bought the Schoolhouse Rock DVD. Some of the songs he was trying to learn could only be found on the DVD, and it would have been nice to record that audio and either burn it onto a CD or put it on the iPod.

    There are a couple video streams from bands that are nice live versions of songs, and it would be nice to grab the audio portion and throw it on the iPod.


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    Hi John,

    We actually have a tutorial for this (with screen shots) located here:
    Download Video and extract the Audio
    Best Regards,

    Jeff Lenney
    Technical Support
    Applian Technologies, Inc.

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    If you can hear it you should be able to record it. I have serveral programs that allow you to record to wav and mp3 files. They came with audio cards. I'm sure you have at lease one. Start that sound recorder program to record what you hear. Then start the audio source you want to listen to. I think you can do it even with the basic recorder found in the Window accessory entertanment folder.
    If you need specifices let me know.

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