OK, day one everything was great. No issues whatsoever - was very pleased with Freecorder and it's capabilites.

Turn my computer on today and each time I try to record, the record dialogue box comes up but is flatline.... Hit the X to close and Firefox hangs. If I End Process (Firefox.exe) via TaskMan, the Firefox gui disappears, but TaskMan shows it (and FC) still running and I cannot kill either process. The machine will not respond to shutdown or restart forcing me to hard kill it and then restart.

Yes, I can get FC to record if I hit record prior to starting music stream but if I hit stop or X the recorder window I get the same freeze-up.

No, I have not made any other changes to my machine since installing FC yesterday.

Yes, I did try to uninstall and reinstall FC....

Yes, IE6 behaves in a similar fashion.

Firefox v 3.0.6