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Thread: Works With WMV - Crashes on AVI

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    Default Works With WMV - Crashes on AVI

    Loaded and reloaded Splitter 3 times
    rebooted each time
    deleted all registry references (2 times)
    reloaded clean with new download file
    start program
    ---- drag .wmv into window -- works like supposed to
    -- drag .avi files - locks up
    .avi files processed by Replay Converter
    locks up and leaves this on screen
    (cant leave captured images)
    Normal Dialogue box
    --click on More Information leaves box with
    Error signatire
    AppName: replaymediasplitter.exe
    AppVer: 1.6.902.9
    ModName: libavcodec.dll
    Offset: 001f3b6c
    Click on view technical information-
    too much info to type in.....
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    I am having exactly the same issue. Purchased the Suite yesterday (14 July 09) and have the most recent version. AVI's just lock the program up. I have to kill the process in Task Manager. I was hoping to make a couple compilations from my video collection. The niggling feeling of buyers remorse is casting a mild haze over my elation at finding such a great collection of audio/video tools.

    Running XP Pro & Replay Media Splitter ver 1.6.906.17

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