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Thread: Replay Media Catcher Resume

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    Default Replay Media Catcher Resume

    some times as I am recording a file it stops after 1/4th or 1/2 file is copied. Than it stops with a error. How can I resume the recording ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by rabdi View Post
    some times as I am recording a file it stops after 1/4th or 1/2 file is copied. Than it stops with a error. How can I resume the recording ?
    You can try right clicking the file and re-recording. If that does not work, you'd need to re-record it from the beginning, unfortunately.

    To be more specific, Can you please provide me with the URL of the video you're trying to record, so I can trouble shoot the issue?
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    Jeff Lenney
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    When you right click and choose delete and re-record it will still start the download over. There is no way to resume a stream capture if the connection is dropped. What is the error that you are getting? Thanks!

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    Tasha Heinlein
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    Smile The download stops before it finishes in longs downloads

    I am having the same problem , so I will try to resolve it here, not creating a new thread.
    I am trying to download some movies which are 1h and 45 minutes long each, from a site - using the Replay Media catcher. After some minutes working, the download stops, sometimes 5 minutes from the beggining, sometimes 10 or 20 minutes. Today I found out in the settings of RMC in the item Plugin options, the box " Enable superdownload", which was activated, the box marked - and below saying that in movies longer than 1 hour, this item should be not enabled. So, I thought that was the problem, I un-marked the box, but the problem kept the same.
    After, I found the same movies in other site, but the same problems happens with the RMC. It doesn't get the entire movie.
    In the first site, we must to install a player, the Microsoft Silverlight 2.0, to watch the movies. But I don't think that is the problem, because the download starts; he just stops too soon. In the second site there is no special player to install.
    May I have any tip here?
    The sites are:,,1503,00.html
    The episodes are from the sitcom" Il Comissario Montalbano" , ,and they are:
    "La luna di carta" "La pista di sabbia" "La vampa d'agosto" "Le ali della sfinge".
    La Luna di carta I got the entire movie ( it was the unique which I got all the movie and got watch it ), but in the others not, or when I got the entire 1h and 45 minutes in the others the players didn't get to play them because they are corrupted or with some problem, or the format was not readble.
    The second site where I tried to download epidodes of " Il Comissario Montalbano" in vain is
    I hope some help in that issue, if possible

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