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Thread: Suggestion for improved reliability

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    Default Suggestion for improved reliability

    Hi! Recently I enrolled in an online course, where flash (flv) videos play in a custom swf player the site has. Replay Media Catcher was the only software that worked for capturing these flash videos. I didn't want to mess around too much since you can only watch each video 3 times, luckily I found replay media catcher in time so I am able to get every video, even the first!

    So I went ahead and purchased the software, and am happily using it. However I recently had the Vista Transformation Pack installed (makes windows XP look like vista) and I was having the problem that lots of people seem to be having.

    Threads of people having the same problem:
    Everythings so slow!
    replay media catcher bogs down IE
    RMC Pooches Internet Connection

    Where some (vista transformation pack 3rd party) application will interfere with replay media catcher and then the internet will completely stop working for any application that uses winsock. The only way to fix it for me was to restart my computer, then I could use RMC again for a short while before the certain program causing the problem would interfere again. I uninstalled that vista transformation pack and now although my computer doesn't look as good, RMC works like usual and no matter how long I use it for no application I am running interferes with it!

    Being a software programmer myself, my theory on why this is happening is because RMC injects its dll(s) into every single program except what you add to the "Ignore Applications" box in the advanced options...

    Those dll's hook winsock send/recv functions in applications that use winsock, which is how it looks for media to capture, etc...

    I suggest having a choice in the advanced options, instead of injecting into everything except the "ignored applications" you should have two radio buttons above that, one that says "Exclude" and one that says "Include"

    If you select the "Exclude" radio button it will be like how it is now, the dlls are injected into every single program except the ones added to the list. If you select the "Include" radio button it won't inject them into any program except whats on the list... Understand?

    For example, so far I've only ever used it with firefox, so its really unnecessary for it to be injected into any other program... In current version I would have to add every single program that I have running except firefox to the list for it to only be injected into firefox! Which is quite troublesome and it really should have the option to include or exclude. Especially so since you cannot just add exe names to the list and have to actually BROWSE to the location of the exe! That wouldn't be so bad though if you had the option to include. It wouldn't be a big deal browsing to your firefox directory and selecting firefox.exe to be included as one of the programs to inject into. Then if you wanted to use it for something else also, you could then add it to the include list too!

    If you offer that option then less people will have the problem and even if they do they can fix it without having to uninstall conflicting software, or figure out what software is conflicting and add it to the exclude list. They can just simply choose to only INCLUDE the program that they are using it with. Their web browser most likely...

    It increases reliability, because you can rely on it to work properly without other programs interfering with it!

    I hope you decide to implement that in the advanced options! It will really cut down on people having the problem which will likely result in increased sales
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    Definately frustrating to have that problem, thanks for this post. good to know that there are some people out there that share my problem. hope it gets fix somehow

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    Hi RitaLee,

    Great feedback. Thanks! It is great that you were able to pinpoint exactly what was causing this. I will let the developer know - hopefully he will be able to come up with a work around. Thanks again

    Best Regards,

    Tasha Heinlein
    Applian Technologies, Inc.

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