I m trying to record some short pieces of movies from usual DVDs, as 1 minute, 2 minutes. I put the DVD in the drive, open the Windows media player 11, go to part of the movie I want to record, get the size of the windows I want. But it is
recorded just the audio, the image is blank ( green, in fact ). But I realize some tips in a window as " only one browser can be open" and "refresh your browser or media player". So, I close the others browser ( if opened ), and now, how can I refresh the Windows media player 11? Or others media player, as Cyberlink ( which is the same Power DVD )?.
I had the same problem when I was doing some experiences in recording videos of you tube with RVcapture. When I refreshed the page, the capture worked very well. But in media players I don't know how to refresh. And, when I refresh, doesn't the movie go to start again?, and I will lose the point of the movie which I've selected to record?
I appreciate the help