Hey all,

I have RMC v8.0.24.0 installed. I was successful at getting the DVR to run with my Amazon video on my last computer, but with my new machine, I can get Amazon to show, I can log into my Amazon account thru RMC, and search for the video I want. However, I get the following error as soon as I try to play any movie:

A later version of Google Chrome is required for Prime Video. To update, click the Chrome menu (three horizontal stripes) on the browser toolbar, click About Google Chrome, and then click Relaunch.

Steps I have already taken:
1- Updated Chrome to the latest version
2- Disabled Hardware Acceleration in Chrome
3- Removed all Cache from both RMC and Chrome
4- Uninstalled Chrome completely and tried again with only MS Edge browser

Not sure where to go from here. This is a brand new machine running Windows 10 Professional (same version I ran successfully with my old machine), no MS Office installed yet, no Citrix, no aftermarket anti-virus, nothing. Any ideas?